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What We Provide

We offer an extension of reablement where our team of dedicated and qualified technicians/care/support workers to care, support and assess an individual’s wellbeing requirements. Once we have an understanding of the specific care and support requirements, we will work in a respectful dignified way towards their goals and needs as set out in the care and support plans, empowering them and giving them the confidence to live in their own homes as independently as possible while receiving professional dedicated care and support. 



We Develop the Right Skills

Whether the individual receives, short, medium or long term care, understanding the skills needed for an independent life is key. We will create a task plan that is appropriate and specific to the individual to assist them towards a better independence, as well as identifying those who require more specific specialist care. Activities that we will assist with include social and emotional support as well as cognitive domestic and community involvement. It will also be important for the individual to learn about healthy life choices and lifestyles.

The services offered will be run by very experienced and enthusiastic technicians with a registered manager who understands the importance of a strengths led approach.





Providing Health Care And Support In Hampshire



We Engage and Support

Many agencies who provide care and support only provide a generic service that offers very little diversity in the care and support of someone’s care needs.  A care worker just popping into someone’s house and providing very minimal care and support is generally what is on offer.

This is not how we work at Mindful Care & Support. Engaging an individual in their care and support and having time to talk and listen to them without rushing off to the next appointment, goes a long way to helping someone feel wanted and important. Conversing with family and friends is also an important part of someone’s care and support. Linking individuals and rekindling old relationships is the key to the well-being of someone, and this is reflected in the care that we provide.

Engaging staff with the Mindful Care & Support ethos, will empower an individual to understand better the tools for independent living, whether this is to do with their health requirements or community inclusion.







We Tailor Our Care

Each person accessing the service will have their own personal task plan to evidence what has been created from their care package and to offer guidance on the type of care they would like to receive.  These plans also give the care receiver control over their care and support and also gives them an insight to see what is being recorded.

These task plans are also important to others who are involved, as they offer continuity towards the person’s care and support.




We Mark Progress

The team meets regularly, where we work through specific meeting agendas to ensure all aspects of the delivery of care and support are being met.  This gives the team an opportunity to bond and feel a sense of belonging and ownership. As well as this, the registered manager and appointed individual meet every week to go through CQC monitoring documents to ensure that the regulated activities are being fulfilled and to record any issues that have been raised.




Our care service is managed by a CQC registered manager, and they will have general management duties as well as legislation responsibilities.

If you are looking for health and social care in Southampton, please contact us to arrange a consultation.