Health and Social Care Southampton Hampshire

Our Holistic Approach To Home Care In Hampshire


How We Work

Mindful Care & Support is a care and support company.  Our mission statement is simple, and it is that we will deliver a high quality dignified and affordable strengths led reablement based service of care, comprising care and support for adults in the comfort of their own homes, in and around Southampton and the Hampshire area.

We believe that older people have a right to remain independent with help and support in their own homes, using their existing skills to assist them in day to day living - enjoying themselves and continuing their passions and interests.




Our Ethos

Our service has an ethos which states that the care and support will be delivered based on an individual’s strengths, which along with a holistic person-centred approach will ensure the care and/or support packages we deliver are bespoke and specific to the individual.

We aim to deliver our service to individuals with the addition of maintaining or improving skills for independence and wellbeing.  We do this by working towards an outcome that draws on that person’s strengths and assets, to enable them to stay in the environments they want i.e. their homes, for as long as possible.


Supporting and providing health care to the elderly across Hampshire


Building on Your Strengths

Our strengths-based approach is based upon the values that people hold that shape and influence their daily lives. Through this approach we hope to understand and endorse the individual. We make sure to also not focus on an individual’s problems or deficits, but instead draw attention to an individual’s abilities, talents and resources.






Health and Social Care  in Southampton and Hampshire


Our Process

The service will initially provide a consultation assessment service with the customer, which will run alongside their existing care package/plans, if these are available. This will help us to understand and determine the level of care and support required. We will be actively involved throughout an individual’s plan with us, in consulting with them regarding what other services are out there, and to develop and improve access to their communities.

With the ever-changing services that are in our communities, we find ourselves with an abundance of choice. For us to develop signposting with our clients, it is important to help them understand and to be aware of the services on offer.  Encouraging and empowering individuals to access these services has many benefits. Not only will it help towards the prevention of social isolation and the issues this causes, but it also helps to widen the knowledge a person has regarding the many services out there to support them with any health and mental well-being needs they may require.


If you are looking for health and social care in Southampton and Hampshire, please contact us to arrange a consultation.