The health, safety and welfare of our staff, supported individuals and families/networks is paramount to Mindful care and Support.

We constantly assess the Covid-19 situation and react daily to changes, in order to help reduce the risk of anyone contracting Covid-19.

Our staff are thoroughly trained in infection control, hand washing and in the use of the appropriate PPE.

They are focused personal hygiene and have access to Personal Protective Equipment at all times, including apron, surgical masks (changed for every visit), disposable gloves, shoe covers, arm covers and visors/goggles.

We update our team and supported individuals on any changes deemed necessary to daily routines.

We recognise the vulnerability of our supported individuals and will continue to protect them by wearing appropriate PPE until the national risk of Covid-19 infection is eradicated.

We acknowledge that this is a very challenging time for all and will keep you informed of any changes that may occur as a result of Covid-19.