Adult Community Support Provision

This provision offers vulnerable adults an integrated strength led support service provision which will be based in the individuals home environment and in the community. 

The service will be primarily accessed by individuals who have a learning and or physical disability but understanding integration is important, the service will also offer a provision for older persons.  The service will be totally person-centred, and all aspects of the service will be bespoke to the individuals who use it.  Following a holistic person-centred information gathering process will ensure the service they receive is specific and meaningful. 


Skills For Independence

Maintaining and or improving skills for independence is key, this coupled with integrated social interaction is important to empower people to have control of their lives, it also eradicates social isolation.  

The service will focus on key areas of wellbeing.  Some of these key areas will include, cognitive, social, jobs/work, education, domestic, cooking/nutrition, wellbeing and relationships to name but a few.  The service will operate using the very best support technicians who are highly trained and professional. The support we offer within this service doesn’t include personal care but to support in everyday tasks and activities that are important to an individual’s life.  

The team will understand from following plans created and through training what is expected of them in implementing the provision for the individual. 

They will use a strengths-based practice in where they will utilise the individual’s strengths and assets and not their weaknesses and deficits.   It is important to allow an individual to express themselves in the best way they can, this generates confidence and self-worth which in turn empowers them to feel some or full control of their lives in particular their support.  The support can be from as little as an hour to multiple hours and for one or numerous calls throughout the day.

 Our Promise To You

People using the service will be safe in knowing that they have total control of every aspect of the provision specific to them by being encouraged to exercise choice. 

The team will be understanding that it is their duty to support as much as required to support the individual in their choice making without advocating. All people accessing the service will be treated as individuals without discrimination. 

Mindful Support has built its standards and quality delivery of support with the individuals accessing the service at the forefront.  This starts right from when first contact happens and throughout their journey with us. 

The holistic person-centred approach using a strengths-based approach in information gathering is key to ensuring this happens and that the package of support is specific and bespoke to the individual while empowering and ensuring that their views, ideas and thoughts are heard and acted on. 

Understanding the goals people want to reach is so important.  Mindful support uses a support management system which will record all aspects of the provision which in turn will offer us valuable information in to how the provision is going and where improvements can be made.

The company also takes into consideration the CQC KLOE system. 

For more information or to see how we can support you, please do get in touch and we will arrange a meeting with you.