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About Us

Helping You to Reach Your Goals at Home

Our ethos focuses on care and support at home to be co-designed and delivered based on an individual’s strengths, as well as a holistic person-centred approach, to ensure the care and/or support packages we deliver are completely bespoke and specific to the individual.

Our Approach

Engaging an individual in their care and support and having time to talk and listen, without rushing off to the next appointment, goes a long way to helping someone feel wanted and important.

Conversing with family and friends is also an important part of someone’s care and support. Linking individuals and rekindling old relationships is the key to the well-being of someone, and this is reflected in the care that we provide.

Whether the individual receives, short, medium or long term care, understanding the skills needed for an independent life is key.

Together, we will create a task plan that is appropriate and specific to the individual to support them towards a greater independence, as well as identifying those who require more specific specialist care. Activities that we will assist with include social and emotional support as well as cognitive, domestic and community involvement.

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