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Our Process

The service will initially provide a consultation assessment service with the individual, running alongside the existing care package/plans, if these are available.

This allows us to gain a full understanding of the individual’s history, social status, preferences, culture, wishes and preferred outcome for the care plan, to be agreed on together. The individual may create a personal statement to be shared with the care team to enhance personal communication.

We can then determine, together with the individual and support network, the level of care and support at home required. We will be actively involved throughout an individual’s plan with us, in consulting with them regarding other services available, including technology aids, as well as developing and improving social inclusion and access to their communities.

With the ever-changing services that are in our communities, we find ourselves with an abundance of choice. For us to develop signposting with our clients, it is important to help them understand and to be aware of the services on offer.  Encouraging and empowering individuals to access these services has many benefits. Not only will it help towards the prevention of social isolation and the issues this causes, but it also helps to widen the knowledge a person has regarding the many services out there to support them with any health and mental well-being needs they may require.




Health and Social Care  in Southampton and Hampshire



When individuals require 24 hour support, 7 days a week, to achieve their goals and preferred outcomes  


Night time alone can be a daunting prospect, with bathroom visits, medication and/or re positioning. Overnight care can cover all support needs and companionship when sleeping patterns are disrupted


From 1 to 4 times a day, visits typically range from 30 minutes to 1 hour, with 1 or 2 care workers according to mobility support needs  


These can be tailored to suit individuals and can be as short as 15 minutes, to support medication or nutrition/hydration for example, at varied times of day


Medication management starts with a review of the process for the individual to order and receive medication as well as storage, administration methods, controlled medication if applicable; technology aids such as medication dispensers can be assessed if this can be prepared prior by the individual or support network, to encourage independence.
Medication can be prompted for individuals to take independently, prepared (packaging opened) or administered according to individual needs and agreed plan.


Personal care (respecting privacy and upholding dignity) includes bath/shower/strip wash options: for example, an individual may be independent for washing certain parts of the body and can be empowered to do so.
We also support toileting & catheter care, skin integrity monitoring & use of specific detergents and creams, as well as assistance with clothing as needed and reablement options.


At the outset, we ascertain the individual’s personal preferences and how to meet these, seek to agree on a balanced diet if we are involved in meal preparation, discuss options for shopping, independent meal preparation, meals on wheels; technology enhancements: microwave, smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm,
We ensure appropriate hydration, can suggest technology use for reminders, systems for preparing hot drinks such as special water boilers or kettle inclinators.
We plan visits to ensure spaced out mealtimes and assess complex needs to consider special eating utensils, special menus, company during mealtimes as a support and enablement to recognise food/meals.


Social inclusion (through contact with care staff) is vital and we enable social contact and conversation, through listening to individuals, enabling individuals to talk and work on memory, give feedback on care and take active participation in choices of care.
We allow appropriate time for our team to listen and interact with the individual, encourage enablement of keeping in touch with support network, inform on technology: use of Smartphones, pads, Alexa.


We currently work with Hampshire County Council in the provision of a rapid discharge assessment and service, for individuals coming out of hospital medically sound with a potential requirement for an ongoing care support package. As part of this service, we start with an immediate assessment and delivery of care, the full assessment moving forward is then shared with the Council for future planning and decisions to be made.


Individuals may need support with shopping, tidying, cleaning, organising repairs or walking/feeding the dog. Whatever it is, we can help as part of our tailored visits.


We actively support individuals in accessing  https://www.connecttosupporthampshire.org.uk/  
Mindful Care and Support is a local Hampshire company with strong roots in the local communities.
We endeavour to share our knowledge and contacts with our supported individuals in order to enrich their well being and social inclusion.


As part of our care and support delivery, we constantly re-assess opportunities for increased health and well-being through lifestyle choices, diet, hydration, mobility support and exercise.


We can support individual care givers who need to take time out at certain points during the day or week, giving them the assurance that their loved ones are secure and cared for, whilst allowing them some independence and time for shopping, socialising, hobbies and mindfulness.


As an individual comes towards end of life, we can support all aspects of care for those who prefer to be in their own environment rather than a hospital.
The aim is to ensure the individual is comfortable, peaceful and supported in every way, along with relatives and support network.
This encompasses personal care, nutrition, hydration, mobility support, medication management, hygiene and complex needs.


Mindful Care and Support is based in Winchester Road Southampton close to UHS and nurtures extensive relationships with external agencies, including but not limited to: Southampton& Hampshire County Council, local authority care management, Continuing Health Care, Hospital Discharge and reablement teams, Inpatient Wards, Urgent Response Service, Community Independence, Safeguarding and Quality teams, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, dieticians, speech and language therapists, District Nurses, GP, independent advocates, health visitors, dementia advisors, Meals on Wheels Services and Equipment Store.
We are a key component of an integrated holistic service within Hampshire to provide the maximum enablement and independence in your home through collaboration and teamwork with all other healthcare providers.

How can you fund your care?

Mindful Care and Support can assist you in navigating the process of eligibility for care at home.

Find out more here: Care Funding Information 


 Health and Social Care  in Southampton and Hampshire


“no man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main” John Donne (1572-1631, metaphysical poet)

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