You Can Start Today!

As a fast growing, young and passionate home care provider based in Southampton, we are always open to welcoming new members to our merry team!
Whether you are an experienced care technician or are ready for a new chapter in your life, dedicated to enriching and supporting independent lives, we’d love to hear from you!
We support new team members entering the world of social care for the first time through extensive training programmes and personal development opportunities, tailor made to individual life goals and objectives.

Celebrating Success

We implement an annual reward scheme: for each compliment and/or positive feedback received, a monetary credit will be dedicated to the team member towards an end of year bonus. This money pot grows in proportion to the number of compliments and appreciation received.

We organise membership of Elas Rewards for staff, which includes confidential counselling, practical expert advice on any important matter such as legal or tax aspects and discounts on a range of national retailers through an online portal.

Exceptional work and going the extra mile is highlighted and rewarded, as staff retention and development are our top priorities.

 Why become a care technician with Mindful Care and Support?

A care technician’s role is multi-faceted and involves responsibility, autonomy and passion. It is vital in supporting individuals to lead a life that is as independent, rewarding, peaceful and joyful as possible.

  • Make a difference to someone’s day
  • See a smile grow on someone’s face
  • Support someone in discovering what they can do
  • Learn from those you support
  • Become a key worker in health and social care
  • Join the fight against Covid-19
  • Help to improve someone’s day to day life
  • Laugh with someone you support
  • Travel with someone on a journey to independence
  • Support individuals to remain independent at home
  • Fight loneliness
  • Share your experiences with fellow team members on a daily basis whilst out and about
  • Assist in improving standards of care and support

 Working Model

Different working models include full time and part time hours, as well as casual hours. Shifts are 7am-2pm, 3pm-10pm, Weekend/Evening shifts.

Why not give us a call to discuss how we can fit in with your work /life balance?

Contact us for more information.