Care at Home Provider in Hampshire

Mindful Care & Support is a provider of INNOVATIVE & AFFORDABLE home care in Hampshire.

Our holistic approach to care focuses on the strengths of the individuals we support and their ultimate goals, through care at home to maximise independence.

We work in close consultation with individuals, family members, support network and healthcare professionals to gather information, enabling us to co-produce a tailored specific care and support plan, enhancing well-being, independence, social interaction and reablement.

Our carefully selected care technicians undergo strict vetting and extensive training to ensure they are dedicated and empathetic to delivering quality care provision that is passionate, professional, respectful and dignified.

"All carers have been marvellous, they bring a different sparkle into my life" GC
"Lovely carers, Dad is very fond of them, if I ever need care in my later years, I would want this company" LP
" The kindness of the staff was amazing" TP 
"I think Mindful Care are marvellous" SJ

Health and Social Care  in Southampton and Hampshire

Health and Social Care  in Southampton and Hampshire





I am learning to walk again, with the aid of a stick, working on balance. I can get myself up in the morning, have a wash and prepare my own breakfast, when and as I choose. A year ago, I came out of hospital and couldn’t do very much at all any more, even making a cup of coffee seemed like climbing a mountain, I certainly could not get myself in and out of bed. Through sheer determination, the absolute drive to be independent and the desire never to be a burden, I can now walk to the stairlift and use this to get up to the 1st floor. My major objective is to reach the bathroom and bedroom, once I receive a second stick that I can leave upstairs, oh what joy it will be using my bathroom and bedroom again, allowing my dining room to return to what it was! People ask me how I have come so far, I simply made up my mind to change and to be once more self-reliant, in my own home, surrounded by my own things and making my own choices on a daily basis. Alexa is always available to play my favourite classical music, I read, complete crosswords and love a good jigsaw puzzle!  Hospital is so difficult, there is no time to dedicate to reablement and it makes it so much harder to get back on your feet after a stay, but I simply could not face the loss of independence. After a stay at Snowdon and a nursing home, I was finally back home… My independence now is such that Mindful Care and Support, my Home Care Provider, are amazed on a daily basis by the dwindling support I need towards total independence. I can’t wait! Whatever life throws at you, I believe that we have the power within to make changes at any time of life, and to be independent, where support becomes an enhancement rather than a necessity.


Health and Social Care  in Southampton and Hampshire






 Proud Sponsors of the Shirley Tornados Soccer Team


Shirley Tornados is a single team club approaching a 3rd season together. A small club with the interests of bringing local kids together, to improve not only their football skills, but also their friendship skills.

The boys have gone from strength to strength, with 4 promotions in 2 seasons within the EDMSL and are now entering Southampton Tyro League. 

They recently came 3rd in the St Mary’s Play on Pitch tournament, a great achievement!

We are not only football friends but now a football family!

 Health and Social Care  in Southampton and Hampshire


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